hair prosthesis

How to Make a Hair Prosthesis

How to Make a Hair Prosthesis? Let’s talk about the stages of prosthetic hair production. It is done in sterile hospitals directed by these facilities in order to achieve effective results in hair styling.

What is Hair Prosthesis and How to Do?

hair prosthesis
hair prosthesis

Dimensioning Phase

Doing this stage without any mistakes helps it to be successful in other stages. During the measurement stage, a prosthetic hair mold is created by examining the areas with hair loss. At this stage, the color and thinness of the prosthetic hair is determined.

Placement Phase

At this stage, the pre-measured hair prosthesis is fixed on the head using special solutions.

Design Phase

This is the last stage, and the hair prosthesis placed is cut and shaped as the individual wishes. After the design phase is over, the hair can be combed and modeled as desired. Hair prosthesis never shows wear, decay and shedding. Moreover, even many famous people now have hair prosthesis.

Patients who cannot get results from this method prefer to have hair transplantation.