Causes of Hair Loss in Women

Causes of Hair Loss in Women

Let’s give information about the causes of hair loss in women. Adverse weather conditions, stress and time cause hair loss in women as well as men. For these and similar reasons, thinning of the hair strands opens the door to hair loss. Genetic hair loss in men and women is another factor. Hair, which is the integrating element of aesthetic grace and beauty, can weaken and fall out with unbalanced hormone treatments.

A number of special physiological changes that develop in pregnant women, especially after childbirth, also affect the hair. Stating that the hair growth cycle passes into the resting phase after birth, experts emphasize that hair loss may occur above normal in the first 5 months following birth. You can get information about the causes of hair loss in men here.

Causes of hair loss in women!

Causes of Hair Loss in Women
Causes of Hair Loss in Women

Infection Effect:

Another reason for hair loss is infections. The infected body loses its immune balance and prevents our hair, which is completely protein-based, from getting enough protein. Hair that cannot get protein and nourishment becomes weak and weak. The final stage is inevitable spills.

Stressful Life:

Stressful life, which upsets our whole body balance, of course, does not tangent to our hair. In fact, it plays an active role in hair loss, although not equally in men and women.

Birth Control Pills:

Birth control pills are another factor that plays a role in hair loss. Hormonal balance, which is disrupted by taking oriental control pills, causes hair loss.

Iron (Fe) Deficiency:

Iron is an atom known as blood builder. The body has to meet its iron need as a necessity. Because all our cells, which are given life by the nutrient and oxygen duo, are fed with blood. When the scalp does not receive enough blood, the hair cannot hold and shed.

Cancer Disease :

Cancer, which is a relentless disease, causes hair loss with the therapies and powerful drugs given. People who lose their hair with cancer treatment are extremely worried that they will not be able to regain the hair they have lost. This causes additional stress. However, 95% of those treated after cancer treatments regain their hair.

Ringworm Disease:

Ringworm is a very bad disease that suddenly starts to scrape the roots of the hair when a bacterium settles on the hair and nails. This bacteria completely destroys the hair in the areas where it settles.